We're so excited about bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation that we invited
5 bloggers to try it for themselves. Watch to
hear their reactions…
I’m a foundation convert!
Mummy & Style Blogger &
About me
I'm a 33 year old Mum of two, writer/director and full time blogger. I love wearing makeup and do so daily - it's my armour!
Foundation wishlist
  • Good Coverage
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Even skin tone
Absolutely loved bareSkin Foundation… great coverage and a luminous glow.
Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger
About me
Full-time blogger - my daily routine varies quite a lot depending on whether I’m in London, either running around to meetings, working at home, or travelling.
Foundation wishlist
  • Natural look
  • Won’t clog my pores
  • Doesn’t go patchy
… made everything
so clear… blends so beautifully.
Beauty Blogger
About me
Juggling three kids, two cats, a husband and work! Work is so varied - from spending all day writing, to running around London to attend press events and interviewing people for features.
Foundation wishlist
  • Ease of application
  • No streaking
  • Skincare properties
  • Good skin colour match
My skin was
glowing and looked absolutely amazing.
Lifestyle Blogger
About me
Full-time blogger and right now planning my wedding next July. My lifestyle is pretty healthy and outdoorsy (lots of dog walking and Pilates!) but I'm definitely a foodie too!
Foundation wishlist
  • Natural, dewy finish, and with medium coverage
  • Long-wearing
… feels like I’m hardly wearing anything.
40+ Style & Lifestyle Blogger
About me
Full-time blogger/freelance writer, before that I worked as a Sales & Marketing Manager. Married and live in a small town near Exeter (no kids) - I enjoy running, photography and travel.
Foundation wishlist
  • Even skin tone
  • A very light, natural-looking coverage
  • SPF
  • A foundation that lets my skin breathe as I work out so much

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