This Clean, Multi-Tasking Concealer Is An Original

July 02, 2024

Everyone loves our Original Mineral Loose Powder Foundation but did you know there is a ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Concealer. This next-generation liquid concealer that not only brightens and conceals, but actually improves the look of your skin over time.

It's also the perfect partner to both of our ORIGINAL Foundation formulas, making it the perfect addition to your clean beauty routine. Read on to discover all the reasons to love the newest member of the lineup.

Creamy texture without creasing

We've all had the experience of an under eye concealer that feels cakey and dry. ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Concealer offers a creamy, ultra-lightweight texture that still delivers medium buildable coverage with that flattering, naturally luminous finish that made ORIGINAL Foundation such an icon in the first place. Plus, in clinical trials, everyone agreed it felt lightweight on their skin* no heaviness here. Plus, it wears all day without creasing or setting into fine lines. And it has a few more tricks up its sleeve.


Less ingredients, more results

As always, we're committed to bringing you clean, minimal formulas that still deliver incredible results. Our liquid concealer is made with 90% naturally derived ingredients that help to visibly brighten dark circles and reduce fine lines.

So how do we do it? ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Concealer is powered by mineral coated pearls that diffuse the look of dark circles and imperfections as well as white water lily extract, which helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. Plus, it's formulated without silicone, parabens, talc, oil and other unnecessary additives.

Concealer + skincare

Of course, our concealer benefits go far beyond an instantly smoothed, brightened complexion. The formula's nourishing ingredients help improve your skin's appearance both instantly and over time, actually giving you a healthier-looking complexion. But don't just take our word for it: in clinical trials, everyone also agreed that ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Concealer instantly concealed the appearance of skin imperfections,* and 83% agreed it left their under eye area looking smoother over time.**

What's not to love?

*Based on a 1-week independent U.S. consumer study of 31 people.
**Based on a 1-week independent Canadian consumer study of 30 people.