You Asked, We're Answering: What Does Non-Comedogenic Mean?

April 05, 2024

Navigating the beauty world is all fun and games until you run across a phrase that makes you stop in your tracks. One that easily makes the list is non-comedogenic, which is basically dermatologist slang for 'won't cause breakouts.' Though commonly associated with skincare products, there's also non-comedogenic makeup.

To learn more about what qualifies as non-comedogenic, why you might be getting breakouts from makeup, and how acne and makeup don't always have to butt heads, keep reading. We're also sharing some of our favourite non-comedogenic makeup options below to help you get glowing.

What Does Non-Comedogenic Mean?

To better understand what non-comedogenic means, it's important to know what a 'comedone' is in the first place. What is a comedone? A clogged pore. When a product or ingredient is labelled as 'non-comedogenic,' it means that it won't cause clogged pores or contribute to acne breakouts.

Why You're Experiencing Breakouts from Makeup

Acne and makeup have had a somewhat contentious relationship over the years. The reality is that there are a number of ingredients commonly found in cosmetics that contribute to breakouts. This is exacerbated when you already have acne-prone skin.

So keep an eye out for the pimple-causing ingredients and be on the lookout for the phrase 'non-comedogenic' on your products. It's typically found on the product box, label, or product description page on the retailer's website.

Some of Our Best Non-Comedogenic Makeup

Not sure if your makeup is causing your breakouts? Look for a correlation between when you use a certain product, where you apply it, and if you're breaking out in the days that follow. We recommend not using cosmetics contributing to your breakouts, and to instead swap them out for non-comedogenic makeup products.

Check out some of our favourite non-comedogenic makeup below.

ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation

This loose powder, mineral-based foundation is a true staple in our lineup. It's a light-as-air formulation with just 5 natural mineral ingredients that you can build to your desired coverage, and it leaves skin looking luminous and naturally beautiful. Let's just say there's a reason this one's been around for 25 years.

ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Concealer

The NEWEST member of our family of skin-improving complexion products with minimal ingredients, ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Concealer is vegan, made from 90% naturally derived ingredients, and also inspired by our iconic ORIGINAL Loose Mineral Foundation. This creamy formula comes in 12 shades and instantly brightens under eye circles and covers imperfections.